I Am The Storm!.

You are commanded to “be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might”. You are not some weakling that the devil pushes around like some rag doll, he should be afraid of you waking up each morning. You are a wonder that angels desire to look into. Satan hates you, make no mistake about that. His hearts desire is to keep you full of fear and doubt to try to keep you from your full potential that he sees you have in Jesus. All he can do really is to fuss with you, he can’t stop you. However there are times that doing battle with his lies and the problems he brings is something else all together. I’ll admit he’s had me down a few times had me in a chokehold, convinced more than once I was as dead as a doornail. He will put thoughts in your mind, this mountain is to big, you’re just not good enough for that promotion, that person doesn’t really like you, or whatever the case may be. He will lie with such intensity, telling you, “you’re just a hypocrite and you know it” he may even try and convince you that other people see right through you. He will gather all of hells demons and rage an onslaught against you then tell you “you’re not stronger than this storm, you can’t win with so much against you. You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus your victory is already won. The next time he whispers in your ear that your not strong enough to withstand the storm, lean over and whisper back in his ear, “better get out of my way boy, I am the storm!.

Seven Days without prayer makes one weak

Talking to God in prayer is one thing I love to do. I have a time in the morning that’s set aside for this specific purpose. It’s been my ritual you could say for about ten years.

Years ago the wife and I  got invited on a vacation for seven days with some friends of ours, we hit several spots throughout the United States, Disneyland, Knott’s berry farm just to name a couple it was a whole lot of fun. We traveled in an RV taking in the sights it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in many years.

We stayed so busy having fun, it was great. About the sixth day I started not feeling right. I said to my wife, “something is not right with me today”. She asked if I needed to go to the doctor, “No, it’s nothing like that it’s more of an over all feeling” I said. Never mind that we’re going to splash mountian today, woo hoo let the fun begin. But I couldn’t seem to get into it, it was fun but I was feeling a little depressed. Our friends asked if I was okay, I assured them that I was fine. We took a tour around the park I wasn’t in the mood for talking for some reason and I’m usually the gabby one. This feeling stayed over me all day and until we drove  home that night. While we were getting ready for bed that night my wife called from the bathroom, “Honey, have you been doing your daily praying since we’ve been gone”. Then it swept over me like a strong north wind. I stepped out onto the porch and shut the sliding glass door. I prayed. I prayed for almost an hour. I started feeling like me again. I felt my strength coming back into my chest. I promised Him and myself that I would never no matter where I was or who I might be with would I ever not get too busy to forget to pray. Truly seven days without prayer makes one weak.

The Failure syndrome

They say failure is the opposite of success but to me failure is simply the absence of a desire to succeed. Just because you’ve tried something over and over doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it just means you’ve learned how not to do to it that many times. Failure would be walking away from the situation and giving up on it, as long as you have the desire to push forward you’re still in the running for a successful outcome. If frustration sets in it’s just because you don’t have enough information on the subject at hand to make a qualified decision on it, go get more information. Pick up a book, ask someone who knows more about the subject than you do. Do whatever it takes. Talk to whomever. Look it up somewhere. Then you can come back to it with a more relaxed outlook and your not so stressed about it. A lot of people stay in that failure syndrome for years do to lack of wisdom and understanding and do nothing about it.The bible says in Proverbs 4:7

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding”

To live in failure without an understanding shows a total lack of wisdom on that person’s part. It will lead to serious depression and other mental issues if not taken control of. You must learn how to rule your own soul and mind or you will be tossed about with every form of doctrine out there.

Proverbs 3:13 says. Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding, for the gain from her is better than gain from silver and her profit better than gold.

How to gain wisdom and understanding?. Proverbs 1:7 says

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

number one Begin by having the fear of the Lord.

number two Ask God for it. According to James 1:5, If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Number three start watching what you think!. Phillipians 4:8 says Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Fear the Lord, ask Him for wisdom, start thinking on the right things. That is a recipe for success that will bring wisdom and understanding right to your front door.

Greater than sacrifice

My grandmother was sitting in her front room reading the bible and thinking (not complaining) about all the sacrifices she’s made by and while being a Christian, the Lord said, “Bernice get up and walk around the room three times”. She did. She counted, one, two, and three she sat back down. About the time she was forgetting about it the Lord told her, “Your obedience is greater than your sacrifice”.

God is looking for obedient children. He doesn’t need you to be an eloquent speaker, just look at Moses. He doesn’t need you to be a great preacher or even expect you to know the whole bible, he’s looking for people who will do what he ask of them to do. I know a lot of folks who toot their own horn about what they’ve done for God, they talk about their accomplishments in the church like their trophys on a shelf. These same people won’t go across town and give someone food when God told them too do so. It’s all about listening and obeying his written and spoken word. Jeremiah 7:23 says,

“but I gave them this command: Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you”

That’s all we’re required to do listen and obey. To walk in obedience and do whatever his will on earth is for you to accomplish. Listen to that still small voice you call a conscience it may be the voice of God asking you to listen.

1 Samuel 15:22 To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.

“If it be thy will”

Stop using the faith destroying terminology “If it be thy will!”. “Well, Lord if it be thy will that so and so gets healed”. That dishonors God.  Healing and everything else that’s been blood bought through Jesus Christ the son of the living God is always his will. Just the word “if” alone shines doubt all over it, the promises of God through faith in Jesus Christ are yes and yes they’re not “iffy”. When your praying for any situation and you say, “Lord, if it be thy will?”, nothing’s going to happen that will impact a change because your praying in doubt. Everything with God is always yes. If God didn’t spare his son how much more is he willing to give you everything else. The bible says you have it it’s already yours, reach out and take it. Get rid of that phrase ” if it be thy will?”out of your vocabulary, God says yes. He’s already approved it.


I used to have a little self righteousness. I’ll admit it. I used to pick out people’s faults, (thought I was just letting them know). I raise my hand to that, in the court of heaven I was GUILTY!. I had a very bad habit when I would see people doing something that , “I” thought was wrong I would say ,” God’s gonna git you for that” I said that to everyone for years, I saw someone doing something one day and i said those very words, “God’s gonna git you for that”, As soon as those words left my mouth.. He said” David I am not and I wish youd quit saying that, im not out to git anyone because im not in the gittin business!, havent you ever read mercy rejoices over judgment?. I promised Him that I would never say that again as long as the world stands, and I haven’t, and I won’t. I repented and thanked him for his forgiveness

God’s in the soul saving business not in the people gittin business. He loves you and He’s all for you…dont let anyone tell you different.

What Does It Mean to Abide in God’s Word?

Often believers ask how they can stand strong in the midst of uncertainty, including danger. Psalm 91:1, KJV, explains exactly how to do that when it says, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” But that scripture begs the question: What does “abide” mean?

This is important because supernatural security and peace in the midst of trouble depend on it. The word abide means “to dwell in.” That sounds easy enough, but what exactly does it mean? How can you “abide in God’s Word”?

  1. Abiding in God’s Word Is Permanent

The act of abiding in God’s Word is permanent. For example, when you stay at a hotel, you are not abiding there. You are not living there permanently. It’s just a temporary situation. Your home is where you abide. It is the place where you live and find rest.

  1. Abiding in God’s Word Is Complete

Jesus talked about abiding in John 15:10 when He said, “If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love” (KJV). In other words, to abide is to be consistently obedient to the Word of God. Many people think they can live any old way and then, when they run into trouble, just holler, “Jesus, help me!” and everything will be fine. But that’s not what the Word says. In fact, Proverbs 1:24-26, AMP, warns that those who don’t listen to and obey the Word of God in good times may find themselves stranded when the hard times come.

  1. Abiding in God’s Word Is a Lifestyle

If you want to experience peace and protection when trouble comes, then you must make the act of abiding in God’s Word a lifestyle. It is not a once in a while thing. It is not something you do when the pressure is on. It’s not something you put on and take off like a piece of clothing. When you abide in God’s Word, you live immersed in it.

Psalm 91:2-4, (NIV), says, “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in in whom I trust. Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with His feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.”

Trust God and His Word for your protection. Learn what it means to abide in God’s Word for yourself, and then make the decision to make “abiding” a lifestyle. It is the only way to live with certainty and peace, regardless of what the world throws your way. 

Is God Allowing Sin To Continue For a Reason?

Every newspaper you read, every news channel you watch someone has been murdered or molested. A lot of people wonder why would God allow such travesty and injustices to rampantly continue seemingly unchallenged. I’ve heard many good talks from many good preachers on this subject but they’ve always talked around it as if they really didn’t know. Truth is many don’t know, they haven’t gotten the simple revelation THE TIME OF JUDGEMENT IS NOT HERE YET. God cannot judge you and I because of sin.He only judges us by his son. Did you believe and accept him as the one who was sent, or gave him no more than a passing glance. Jesus paid the full price for every sin known to man so you and I can’t be held accountable because Jesus was. You can’t go to hell for sin it’s been paid for, there’s no double jeopardy, it’s final, it’s biblical. Thank God, for therein lies the good news of the gospel. What then could people go to hell for? John 16:9 [Living Translation] says “The world’s sin is that they don’t believe in me”. In the King James Version, verse 8, And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: 9 Of sin, because they believe not on me;.  So the only sin that will keep you out of heaven is not believing in the son of God. Right now on this earth there is absolutely no judgement of God, the bible makes it very clear that’s going to happen in one day, it’s not now. We’re all under grace. Yes even that person who’s holding up a liquor store as I write this is under grace. In a world where we demand justice that don’t sound right to our way of thinking. But judgement is being reserved until that day. Maybe the guy who held up the liquor store gets saved, he’s still under grace. THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT IS NOT HERE YET. However, Remember his words, “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, and I will repay”, and again, “It’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God”.

Bring God Into the Fire

The devil had just about done me in I thought. Not only did I lose my job but losing the house was a real and present fastly approaching fact. I prayed and I prayed about it. Got everyone I knew that was a Christian to pray about it. Seemed the situation wasn’t going to change. I didn’t want to be in this mess and I was doing everything I could to get out of it. I thought, “Lord I’m a man of God, am I supposed to be going through this” It was going to happen for sure unless a miracle was on hand, I looked all around and didn’t see one. I was at my wits end trying to figure out how we were going to get through this thing. No miracle came. The light of God’s word did. I almost decided to quit going to church I had so much weight on me. I’m glad I didn’t. I went to a Sunday service just to get some reassurance from somewhere that everything was going to be alright. I was feeling desperate. Pastor Hoag preached on the three Hebrew children Shadrech, Meshach, andl Abednego. He said, “They never asked God to take them out of the fire, they brought God into the fire”, that’s how your situation is gonna change brothers and sisters, quit trying to get out of the fire and bring God into the fire with you”. That message found a home. I needed something, I accepted it. I thought about it all the way home.  “Bring God into the fire”. When I got home I opened my bible and started looking for all the Godly men in the Bible that suffered injustice, most of them. Joseph was innocent but spent fourteen years in prison for something he didn’t do, he didn’t ask God to take him out of prison, he brought God into the prison. Paul was jailed for preaching the gospel, he didn’t ask God to get him out of jail he brought God into the jail. Daniel didn’t pray to get out of the lion’s den, he brought God into the lion’s den. I found that all those Godly men had one thing in common they never asked God to take them out of whatever situation they were in, they brought God into whatever situation they were in. That amazed me. Armed with this new revelation I made up my mind not to let this problem be the biggest thing in my life. I brought God into it. “Lord, I give you full permission to work in my life to solve this and other problems for me, I know bad news doesn’t upset you, I give you permission as I step out of the way, I believe you are a bigger answer than my little problem, you are able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all I can ask or think”. Well…the people about the house gave us an extension, which they were positive never to do, and my job decided that my department was to stay open for at least another five years. Things still happen now and then, but I no longer try to get out from underneath them anymore, I stand right there in them and don’t ask Him to deliver me from the enemy. I bring my problems to God then I bring God into my problems.

Dale, Bruno and Jesus

Texas, 1992

I had to walk almost a mile and it was hot enough to make the devil sigh, no money, just my little red plastic jug, empty pockets, and desperate demeanor.
When I first spotted the place my heart sank, only two cars, it’s gonna take me forever at this rate, here goes nothing.

I cleared my throat as I approached the first vehicle, excu…, “NO, I cant help you, sorry!, “Thank you anyway sir” I said embarrassingly, and walked away, the other vehicle had left, I sat down on the curb and counted the change I had, sixty-seven cents, I only need a gallon, I looked up at the sign, about two dollars and sixteen cents short, I feel like I’ll be here all night.

A mini van with a mom and kids, nope, next pulled in a rented limo, no, a red neck looking guy with a golden lab in the back of his four wheel drive,”hey boss, I need a big favor, I need a gallon of gas”, he hesitated, “let me see what I got when I come out”, ten minutes later, “hey bub, I’m real sorry, didn’t bring as much cash as I thought, I have fourth-five cents left”, trying not to let the disappointment reach my throat, “that’s cool, you have a great day!”.

“I hope they do not tow my car”, I said out loud to noone, I sat back down on the curb with my gas jug, stomache growling, it’s been a long day, I was hoping that someone’s sense of charity would kick in soon, i really didn’t want to be here all night.

I resigned myself to the fact it just wasn’t going to happen tonight, I stood up and grabbed my jug, “great, I’m going to have to sleep in the car tonight”,I was walking out the parking lot when a horn honked, it looked like someone was waving me over, couldn’t be sure, I walked in that direction just in case,as I approached the green suburban someone called, “hey, you having trouble?”, “yeah, I’m out of gas, I’m tired, hungry, just generally miserable right now” I thought to say. “no, not really, just out of gas”, he said, “I’ve been there a few times myself, here’s five, go fill your can, come back, I’ll drive you to your car”, “oh buddy, thank you so much, you’re a life saver”, off to fill my jug, much happier, he was a talkative type for sure, on the way to my car I learned all his kids names, about his dog Bruno who died, and his three wives, the one he has now is a peach.

As I listened to the last of the gas empty from the jug, Dale right beside me, I felt kinda…euphoric, as he screwed the gas cap back on, “uh hey, would you mind if I prayed for you?”, and he did, sincerely, I was trying not to get emotional, here come the water works, I felt a peace come over me that I didn’t understand, he stopped, looked me right in the eyes, he asked me if I knew Jesus as Lord and saviour, I admitted I did not, “would you like to ask Jesus to come into your life Jesse?”, he asked, “uh sure, I guess”, I said, and I did, right there along side the road, traffic noise and all, he opened his eyes, wiped the tears away, and said, Jesus loves you!, I whispered back, “I know”. We both smiled at each other. He hopped into the suburban and fired it up, I turned to go, he honked his horn, waved me over, I was thinking you might need this, it was a hundred dollar bill. I never saw Dale again, he may have passed. Every time I go by that spot I’m reminded of my salvation, and I think of Dale and for some reason Bruno.

Luke 7: 1 – 10 The faith of the centurion

Luke 7: 1 – 10 The faith of the centurion When Jesus had finished saying all this to the people who were listening, he entered Capernaum. There a centurion’s servant, whom his master valued highly, was ill and about to die. The centurion heard of Jesus and sent some elders of the Jews to him, […]

Luke 7: 1 – 10 The faith of the centurion

What Did I Say?

Your ears are listening to everything you say! your brain is hearing every word your mouth says, your spirit listens to what your brain is saying, and your soul is feeding on what’s in your spirit!.


and they all make their seat in your heart.

According to my research, scientist say, us humans have upwards to 60,000 thoughts per day, that’s a lot of thinking!. (most of which you’ve put there), so millions of thoughts live in your heart and that’s where your thought pattern is.

Matthew 12:34 says, “out of the abundance {all the thoughts that make their home there} of the heart the mouth speaketh.

Proverbs 27:3 says,”as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”.

Too many people have spent years on “stinkin thinkin”. So its a process to “unstink” your mind.

Its very important to watch your thoughts and what you say about yourself, because you’re listening.

One of the main areas in your life that the Lord wants restoration is your private thinking and thought life, i.e., what you choose to think on a daily basis. (I’m going to throw out a recipe for it at the end of this page), that will help regain your peace of mind, your memory, restful nights, and the ability to concentrate and comprehend, but you’re going to have to make a conscious on purpose determined effort to move out the “stink” and replace with wholesomeness.


As you begin to take back whats yours, your thoughts and thought life, be ready for battle, Satan doesn’t want to give up some place he’s lived in luxury unmolested for years, you will do battle with intense lies and confusion at first.

There is so much on how to deal with your thoughts and thought life and how important it is and why you need to, i just cant possibly put it all on this page , it would take a book.

Say with authority OUT LOUD, nothing or no one is going to do my thinking for me be it a man or demon or anything in between , my thoughts are mine.

Think about what your thinking about it is so very important to you.

Always defend yourself against attacks on your thoughts out loud, you cant defend attacks on your thoughts with another thought.

Call upon God’s grace as these powers fight to keep their place in your mind.

Say OUT LOUD, that’s very important, “Satan, you are a liar. I will not recieve or believe any of your lies, in the name of Jesus!. SAY THAT OUT LOUD everytime.

Remind Him OUT LOUD of who you are!, a blood bought child of the most high God!.

Remind him OUT LOUD that you are conqueror through CHRIST JESUS!.

Say this OUT LOUD, “I am going to remind you that it is written, “He that’s with in me is great than He that’s within the world, I command you to bow your knee to the name of Jesus and leave me”

Now fill it up with with with scripture. Phillipians 4:8 is where i like to start. begin to think on His word, sing songs, pray out loud, give Him thanks For something, tell Him how grateful you are..etc

like I said, there is so much that that comes to mind that needs to be in your ears and eyes, that I can’t put in here do to space requirements and restraints.

One thing that’s very important to remember you are NOT alone, all of God’s family fight the same fight.

I hate satan and how he attacks God’s children to try and keep them away from the abundant life that is theirs…i pray for you be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Beloved, WATCH WHAT YOU ARE THINKING AND SAYING ABOUT YOURSELF, they are all lies from the devil.

“Love them Like I Do!”


Kenneth Copeland told a story about a time him and Gloria had a fight, he said under his breathe, “she don’t care nothing about me any how!”, the Lord said, “it’s none of your business what Gloria thinks about you, that’s between me and her, and it’s none of her business what you think about her, that’s between me and you!”.

It ruffles your feathers when anyone says anything about you in a derogatory fashion, the natural instinct is to lash out in anger and set the record straight, especially when its not accurate, you want to let the world know the truth.

I have been up in arms over a lot of things that have been said about me, I mean things just coming out of left field, I just didn’t understand it. For the longest time I was “Lord, what is going on with people?”, “have they lost their minds?”.

Ive learned through life and reading the bible and meditating on it, that God has a plan for everything, not a leaf falls, or a feather blows in the wind that He is not aware of, so then it must be something else.

Proverbs 16:7 says, When a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him., so evidently my ways were not pleasing to the Lord I thought, I brought everything to the cross and laid it down, here it is Lord!. I gave it to the Lord. Also i put into practice in my life what the Lord told brother Copeland about Gloria. it did release a bit of the burden knowing that its between them and God, and on my end I make sure that I love and forgive always. I want my ways to be pleasing to the Lord.

It seemed like the problem intensified, I said, “Lord i give up, I can’t do it’ I am not doing anything or saying anything that would warrant anyone to have anything to say about me period”, you know!”.

One day as I was silently praying about it, the thought hit me, “it’s about love”, a thought I all but rejected at first, He said, “David, I’m trying to get you to love people like i do!”, He gave me a vision, Jesus was hanging on the cross and all these people were walking by wagging their fingers and hurling insults at Him, and Him saying, “Father forgive them!”.

He knows what it’s like to be falsely accused by people and he still loved those people, he loved the ones who said he had a devil, he loved the very ones that were scorging his back, he loved even those who held the nails and the one that hoisted the hammer to slam it down to drive the spikes in further, equally, he loved me, one who spent years paying not a bit of attention to the sacrifice he made for me, treating the blood with indifference, rejecting the cross, treading under foot the very love that he loved me with.

Jesus loved me when I was unlovable, he loved me when I was living in anger and hated him, Jesus loved me when I didn’t love myself, all He ask of me is that I do as he has done.

It’s easier to love your enemies when you realize that he does it every day.

Learn to love your enemies, be like Him, it gets easier when you start putting it into practice, let old hurts go, give new ones to God, be mature in your faith, remember Jesus loves you too!.

Is That All?

Reminds me of a child opening presents on Christmas morning, give him ten gifts when he’s done opening them, he turns to you and says, “Is that all?”.  There is something about the human heart that can’t be satisfied. I’m thinking of the old Elvis song where he belts out, “The poor man wants the oyster, the rich man wants the pearl, a rich man wants a princess, the poor man just wants a girl”. Everybody want’s something but are never satisfied with anything.

We go shopping to buy things to make us happy, they do give us a minute bit of happiness, but there is always something missing.

Why?, because this world has nothing to offer. We were made for God and nothing else. In the deepest part of every living soul is an intense desire to know God. Some cover it over with drugs and alcohol, some cover it with another person in their life, some choose to ignore it altogether, and they’re miserable.

To look to anything in this world to fill that aching in your soul is a one way street to long term misery.

When you observe your life and ask, “God is this all?”, that’s the Spirit of God asking to take you further. There is a longing in every heart that only Jesus can satisfy.

I love the words by Clara Williams, “I have found Him whom my soul so long has craved! Jesus satisfies my longings, through His blood I now am saved.

Let It Thaw


There are so many instances in the bible where God could have “frozen” people in time. David with Bathsheba,  Peter denying he even knew the Lord,  even Paul killing God’s people. Thank God He isn’t like that.

His Grace that is sufficient for us is contrary to that way of thinking. In that grace is how we embrace each other in our best and worst moments. God’s grace will not permit you to stay “frozen” or continue to let anyone else “freeze” you in time.

Some people will hold you in “frozen” state long after a moment has been past and forgotten about. They continue to remember a “mistake” (real or perceived) and never give an opportunity for change.

No one likes being “frozen” in their worst moments. We should learn to love each other,  at times a gentle rebuke may be necessary, with restoration in mind, nothing else.

Do not freeze people in time that is not who they are. let it thaw.

I Just Can’t Do It


Many years ago when I was struggling with the word of God and putting everything I had into believing, I was trying my best, heart ,soul and mind to do what I believed was what God wanted me to do.

I studied the word, I fasted, I prayed, I did everything that I believed was what I should be doing. I grew frustrated!. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I was doing my best but felt like i was getting no where. I started feeling like it was pointless.

I felt at the point of despair!.

One day alone in  total frustration I yelled at God, “I CANT DO IT ANYMORE!”, I cant keep believing in something or anyone and not get something out of it somewhere!.

I told Him what i thought about Him, I cried for two hours telling Him how mean I thought He was, and that if I didn’t do some little something He wanted then He was gonna smite me with all the vengeance He had anyway.  I said, “If nothing is going to work, and I’m going to hell anyway, I’m going to tell you what I think”.. I do not know where these feelings came from or even knew I felt that way, but here they came along with the waterworks.

I told Him everything that I thought, now I love the Lord with all my heart, but strangely enough it felt good to say it and get it off my mind.

I even told Him you made women and if I like them you send me to hell for that, I can’t win with you and its not fair. I told Him to do what you want is impossible you’re God you raise the standards to high, I said, “you have everything you need you live in heaven, but Ive got to grovel just to get crumbs from you.

I picked up my Bible and threw it in the garbage and I said “you can keep your bible to”, He said, “David, go pick it up”, ..I ran over there straightened out the pages put it back on the table. I said, “I cant do it!”. He said something that made me even madder, He said, “David you can’t do it”,  “SEE..you want us to do stuff that you know we are powerless to do..you ain’t right..that’s whats I’m talking about…you’re not fair!”.

“You can’t do it David but I can”.

That filled my mind, heart and soul, spirit, I felt like i was gonna fly away..

I was trying so hard to do what’s right, I was trying so hard not be a hypocrite, I was trying so hard to be the best christian I could be , I was trying so hard to do what the bible says…I was trying so hard to get to Heaven, I was trying so hard to say the right prayers,…. I left God out of it.

We’re good now.  well,..I changed my thinking…I repented and apologized.

Thank You Jesus for your grace…without it how lost I would be.





What Are You Eating?

When Kirsten Holberg and her husband brought there adoptive son home from overseas, they couldn’t wait to shower him with love and provide what he lacked, especially quality foods, since he had a nutritional deficit. But despite their best effort which included consulting specialist, he grew very little. Several years later they found out he had severe food intolerance. After removing those items from his diet he grew 5 inches the next three months, four inches the next three months, two inches the month or so following. He was being fed food that stunted his growth.You can do that with spiritual food as well. You can eat the wrong spiritual food and stunt your growth. HOW?, by what your hearing . Jesus said in Mark 4:24, “take heed what ye hear”… everything you hear goes to your mind, your mind processes it, you speak on it then it goes to your heart…you are now the proud owner of what ever the subject was whether you wanted to be or not.Take that junk out of your diet1. Ask God in all sincerity to show if theres any, and what is that you need to do to get it out of your diet so you can grow2. Put His word on it, in all things, it doesn’t matter what you think or what somebody said about it the word is final authority. Be consistent, practice it until you get it right.4. SPEAK IT OUT LOUD, let your ears hear what you believe.Mark 4:24 “take heed what ye hear, for with what measure ye, it shall be measured” or in todays vernacular “pay attention to what you hear, you’re going to get what you put into it”

How Easy It Can Be!.

The evangelist took his church to Haiti, he warned them about the witchcraft and voodoo the country was deeply seeped in, he warned them to always stay prayed up. they arrived 2 days early on purpose because the people in his church wanted to soak in the rich heritage that Haiti had to offer, he stayed in his room seeking God and being led by His Spirit. He fasted and prayed those first two days, drinking nothing but purified water. On the morning of the third day about 9:00 a.m. he heard a commotion outside his window, he thought “what in the world is that?”, people schreeking and shouting, he throws the curtain back and sees the members of his church, they were all looking to the sky so he did to, “is there an airplane coming down on top of us?” he thought. He noticed a little boy sitting to the side on the ground with an impish smile and an old man with the same impish smile however the old man had his hands in the air like he was tugging on an invisible rope. then all at once everyone went wild with ooohs and ahhhs and a thunderous applause, then they slowly dispersed, the evangelist looked up at the sky and ascertained there was no airplane coming down but made a mental note to ask about it later. when he asked them and received the response he was troubled in his spirit, They said, “Evangelist Howard it was the most amazing thing”, he was curious so he leans forward, “this old man takes this rope and throws it up in the air and it just stayed there” less curious now and more concerned, he says, “uh huh”, they continue, “this little boy climbs the top of the rope and this old man follows him up then cuts off his head then throws it down, and then all of a sudden the little boy was sitting on the ground totally safe and the old man was just standing there smiling, it was awesome”… The evangelist told them that it didn’t happen he was watching from the window and saw it all. They assured him that it did happen they were standing mere feet away, one even goes as far as writing a book about all he’d “seen” in Haiti.  These Christian professing people were deceived by the working of Satan their minds were blinded by Satanic trickery. These were Christian people that weren’t led by the Spirit of God. It’s bigger than just saying I love God and have a bumper sticker that says “Jesus is my Copilot” and going to church every Sunday and singing ill fly away then passing out blankets to the homeless feeling you fulfilled your Christian duty. If you have not the Spirit of Christ your none of His and do not belong to him. Do you Wear the new garment of praise?.  His words “I never knew you” should be a urgent motivator for a meaningful relationship as the time on this earth ticks away and we get ready for our face to face meeting with the one whom with we shall have to do.

Lesson from a pig farmer

The preacher stood at the pulpit one Sunday morning, he said, “how many of you if you had a two million dollars would give one of those millions to the Lord?”, the pig farmer shouted, “oh but if I just had two million dollars would I love to give one million to the Lord!”, then the preacher said, “who in here if they had two farms would give one of those farms to the Lord?”, the pig farmer cried out loud, “oh if I only had two farms would I love to give one of them to the Lord!”, the preacher goes on, “who in here if they had 100 acres of corn would donate that hundred acres of corn to the Lord?”, the pig farmer wails, “oh if I but had 100 acres of corn would I most assuredly donate it to the Lord!”, the preacher goes further and says, “who in here if they had a thousand pigs would give five hundred of them pigs to the Lord?”, the pig farmer stands up and says, “hey that’s not fair now you know I have pigs!”. LESSON: it’s easy to say what you will do when you don’t have it’,  but sometimes when it’s within your ability to do something that requires it coming out of your own pocket, putting your money where your mouth is, is a field no one wants to plow!.




How Big Are You Thinking?

There’s a line from the movie”Scarface” where he says, “I only want what’s mine, the world and everything in it”.. I can say I’ve never actually felt quite like that, but i can on the human scale appreciate the sentiment.

I heard of this frog who lived at the bottom of a well, happy, his needs were met, he got through every day just fine, he was totally content, nothing to complain about. One day by accident he found himself at the top, he dared to peek over, he saw a  small pond, his eyes popped out of his head, didn’t take him but a hot second he was gone, he found a lillypad and kicked back, man he had so much freedom life couldn’t get any better than this!. Then one day he heard the other frogs talking about a “lake”…they said, “yeah it’s way bigger and better than this”, “better than this?”, nothing’s better than this, he thought. They convinced him to tag along just to check It out, if he didn’t like the lake he could come back, OK, fair enough. When they arrived he about fainted, oh my goodness, so much water, he couldn’t even see the other side, this is absolutely the best life has to offer, I mean there just Isn’t anything that could compare, nowhere!, ever!. One day he starts walking and decides to walk as far as he can, and he did, he walked and walked until there was no where he could go, all he could do was stare in awe and  amazement, his jaw wide open, he stood speechless before a giant of an ocean. The moral? God always has something better for you than what you can possibly ask or think.


What are the odds of that???.

Still I can’t stop myself from laughing, seriously what we’re the odds, they we’re astronomical, that had to be a one in a infinity chance of ever that happening on God’s green earth. I can’t stop laughing and probably won’t until I die. That will never or could ever be repeated anywhere on this planet as long as it remains. Talk about something unlucky. I shouldn’t be laughing really…it was quite tragic…(tongue in cheek), I assured her nothing was going to happen, the baseball park at William Land was the best spot for little mollie what in the world could possibly even remotely go wrong?, stop worrying about it and have fun, relax, she’s about as big as my fist, that is her saving grace, because she is so tiny that’s her protection, the world won’t even know she’s there, so loosen up the knot in your panties. I’ve seen mini shizitus before but this was the smallest toy model type dog I’d ever seen in my life, when it curls in a ball to sleep it looks like a kids sock. The only thing that little mutt had to worry about today was to see if she could walk through the grass by herself, which was only about three inches high.Let’s quit worrying and just get going already. William Land Park is a very extensive park with it’s zoo and fairytale town and golf course a perfect setting for a great afternoon baseball game with a company of friends. We ate then had ice cream and soda. Finally game time. Everything done. Let’s play ball!. She had to go check on mollie..oh for crying in the mud woman there is nothing out here that could possibly hurt that dog, nothing!..that litte thing ain’t no bigger than a minute, she’s safer here than the little shoe box house she lives in, i told her getting very aggravated. She puts little Mollie by the leg of the picnic table so she can see mommy play. Everyone in position, Bryan the first up to bat, I pitched a perfect ball right into his bat.. crack…that ball went sailing… straight for the picnic bench like it had a magnet attached to it, hit that little dog and killed it dead…instantly. We all just looked , I was in shock…I mean seriously, WHAT WERE THE ODDS OF THAT HAPPENING. The first ball, the first crack of the bat, all that space for that ball to go, (no, I am not laughing)…all I have to say is, little Mollie you must have really chapped the cosmos because they had it in for you!.


  1.  I’ve heard it said, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, for the most part I would have to agree, but whoever said that was not a writer.
  2. Writing is my life, everything I do evolves around writing, with few exceptions. I’m here to tell you…it’s work!.
  3. The grace of God has also loaned me the gift of writing song lyrics. In the Library of Congress I have two catalogues of lyrics dated since 1990, I wrote my first real song in 1981 called “the old man and the bottle”. I’ve been a member of ASCAP, American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers since 2003. I’ve won a few little awards and certificates in the past, but for the last ten years or so I kind of ran out of gas, with no real plans to refill. However, when you’ve been predestined and favored and blessed for a certian job God will make every effort on His part for you to wake up and recognize. We were sitting at Wendy’s the wife and I, this man out of the blue walks up and says, “uh…excuse me… But…uh do you have..uh like anything to do with hmm…music…or like maybe a…guitar or something?. I just looked at him til he was finished , he says, “umm…i…don’t…know, but the Lord says, you need to get back into that”, and he walks off.
  4. No lightbulb came on right away and I didn’t get a major spiritual shot in the arm to rejuvenate my waning interest or lack luster desire to get back into music writing, but I did however on the way home go to the store and buy some pens and a notebook, if something crossed my mind I’d jot it down.
  5. About three months after the Wendy’s encounter I had five or six lyrics I would call them decent at best not commercial, barely would catch a garage bands attention. I was sitting there on my couch when a sobering thought disturbed my meloncholy revelry, “David is this the best you can do?”, “your talent comes from the Lord and that’s all you’re going to invest in it”, “If you died tonight and had to face God, could you look Him squarely in the face and tell Him you did your best?”.
  6. I started trying to write everyday. In less than a week I wrote two beautiful songs “Stay with me daddy”, and “story book high”, surprised even me, I decided to enter them into a Internationaul songwriters contest through Paramountsong.com in Nashville Tennessee. Before I paid the $20 a piece entry fee and hit the send button I prayed. After I prayed, I said, “all things work together for the good to them that love God”.
  7. He spoke to me, He said, “David those songs are “things” “. That’s all He said, It made me feel warm and fuzzy. I felt really good now about these songs, whoo hoo,  I know for sure I’m getting an honorable mention somewhere, just wait and see, yee haw!.
  8. Three or four weeks went by I didn’t hear anything, a couple weeks later I received an email that said, “Congratulations David Johnson you’re the first place winner in our 2017 spring lyrics/songwriters contest for your song “stay with me daddy”.  They gave me a modest check and a demo for free, that in itself was a blessing, the price of a demo can range anywhere from $400 to $2300, thank you Jesus!. I went to their website and there it was for all the world to see, my name and song in first place, wow!, these “things” came together because I love God.
  9. All that’s around you are “things”. Your problems are “things”. No matter what it is, it’s a “thing”.  Need a job?, it’s a job “thing”. Need a pair of shoes?, it’s a shoe “thing”. Need a spouse?, it’s a relationship “thing”. When “things” creep in and infest, good, bad or indifferent, these things will start working for your good if you love God. Remember, it says, ALL THINGS!…even a song!.

The Magnet Test

coins-912716__340-1I collect pennies, pennies are more valuable than one might suspect, I have a 1969 penny in my tool box worth $19, those little gems going for the most part unnoticed by the majority can yield a gold mine for those who are in the know. Not too long ago I had a 1943 penny worth $17,553, It was exciting as I ran it through the plethora of test of genuineness, so far the right markings, the right stamps, the right everything, I have a windfall, yee haw!. As I did some further research I found out the 1943 penny was one of the most counterfeited pennies they made. It was made during the war and a lot of them were made from steel not copper the ones made from copper were highly sought after years later, like 40 or so were made from copper, so people were taking the 1948 penny and carefully filing the eight in half and making them look like a genuine “1943” coin, how you can tell the difference on closer inspection, the original genuine 1943 the three as you would expect was curved at the bottom, a fake was flat from where it was filed, I checked, mine was curved, ooh doggies. There was one final test to prove it’s authenticity, the magnet test, if it was one of value made from copper it shouldn’t stick to the magnet. I’m breaking out my tool box thinking “what am I going to buy with this money?”, several things came to mind in my excitement…new car, an RV, etc. As I put the penny to the magnet (drum toll please) it stuck like a calf to it’s mama. I tried it again same results, no matter how much I wanted it to be it was not genuine or authentic. It looked real it felt real all visual inspections said it was the genuine article but the final test, the magnet test proved it to be a cheap imitation. That made me think about Jesus’ words “I am the vine you are the branches…except you abide in me…you can do nothing” and then again when He said, “The Kingdom of Heaven cometh not with observation…but with power”. I put myself to the “magnet test to see if I would fall or stick to the source, I don’t want to look valuable on the outside and have all the right markings while appearing to be something that I’m not and all the while failing the final test, not being able to stick close to the source.

There’s no faith in easy

I read a status on Facebook today that said, “When God gives you a vision He will make provision for it”. No truer words to me has been spoken. One thing I’ve learned in this journey called life is this, God will never tell you to do something that’s easy, He will always require the impossible from you. He will not tell you to buy a million dollar building if you have ten million in pocket.There’s no faith in easy. If you’re dead, He says, “Arise”. If you’re blind, He says, “See”. If you’re deaf, He says, “Hear”. If you’re crippled, He says, “Walk”. There’s no faith in easy. Calling things that are not as through they were is Gods way of doing everything. He gives you a vision of things impossible and provides the provision to accomplish the impossible things. You have a vision, you have provision. Reach out and take it!.


The Disciples Faith

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  • The day before Billy Graham’s interview in 1982 on THE TODAY SHOW, his director of public relations, Larry Ross, requested a private room for him to pray in before the interview. But when Mr. Graham arrived at the studio, his assistant informed Ross that Mr. Graham didn’t need the room he said, “Mr. Graham started praying when he got up this morning, he prayed while eating breakfast, he prayed on the way over in the car, and he will probably be praying all through the interview. read psalms 5:3, My voice you shall hear each morning, O Lord; in the morning I will direct it to you, and I will look up. Prayerfulness is not some event you do, it is the way of being in relationship with God. intimacy is developed when you view prayerfulness as a way of life and not just something you do. We develop prayer as…

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The Disciples Faith

apple-temptationOscar Wilde once jokingly said, “I can resist anything, except temptation”. He was meaning it to be funny, but in reality it is a very serious matter. Lets contrast Matt.4 and Matt. 6  Matthew 4:1, says, Then was Jesus LED into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. (KJV). (Phillips translation) says, The spirit of God LED Jesus into the desert for the express purpose of being tested by Satan. (HCSB) says, the Spirit took Jesus into the wilderness because there was the evil one waiting to try him. OK, we get a clear picture, Jesus had to go and face the devil on purpose. Now it is quite obvious when the devil came to Jesus, he waited patiently, he waited until Jesus was at a low point. He was tired, alone, hungry, and vulnerable. Jesus passed the test because He knew Gods word and applied it to every situation the devil placed Him in. Thank God!. But…

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wp-1449669008557.jpegTime for confession, I had a serious anger problem, I had no problem telling you what I thought of you. Now as a deacon at a church I had to keep it under wraps, but that was all I did was keep it under wraps. I was helping a friend of mine buy a very expensive bicycle, having worked at the bike kitchen I got to know what most bikes were valued at. She wanted a $2000 racing bike. I looked it over and I didn’t feel the bike was worth what they were asking. I told the man we couldn’t do that, He said he had to talk to his boss. He comes back and sits down and says, “well, we’ve got a lot into it so we really cant go no lower”. “I said that is all markup”. The guy yells at me and says, “are you her (blanking) banker?. I said, (with cocked eyebrow), huh?. I put my elbow in his throat, kicked his legs apart, and I heard her screaming, “David DON’T. I had my fist drawn back, I was going to bust his lips. I got in his face and I said, “NO, i’m not her ( blanking) banker, im just here to make sure (blanks) like you don’t try and bleed her dry. We got the bike for the price we wanted. I felt pretty good. But later when she was retelling it, I felt the twing of conviction. I lost my temper, I cussed. I did not behave in a way that I was proud of. I told the Lord, “please take my anger”. He says, “David, I DONT WANT IT, YOU NEED TO CRUCIFY IT!. I learned something very valuable, God don’t take things away from me I just slowly learn to crucify them. He has done his part and removed the penalty for them so I cant go to hell, but the sin in my life is a day by day on purpose decision to crucify the flesh. Thank you JESUS for your sacrifice!. Thank you for taking my punishment!. God cant hold me accountable for sins payment because he held you accountable. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!. God don’t want my junk…I don’t either!. So with my cross I go.


wp-1449670885947.jpegI have found myself in unexpected places, places I never wanted to be or planned to be. debt, physical barriers, or just simply sins consequences. I was reading the other day about three officers on June 6, 1944, they were huddled in a bombshell crater on Utah beach in Normandy, France. Realizing the tide had carried them to the wrong place on the beach, the trio made an impromptu decision: looking out toward the enemy, and where they stood with there own men, “We’ll start the battle right here”. They needed to move forward despite the difficult starting point they got themselves into. In Acts 9:1-20, Saul found himself in a difficult place, the direction of his life even his location was revealed as a mistake, everything prior was a waste. Moving forward would  be hard and at spots uncomfortable. But the response should be the same as for you and I today, “Lord, what do you want me to do?”. Paul’s advice to forget what lies behind and to press forward to Christ is still solid as it was then. So when you don’t know what do to, or how to do it,  ask “Lord, what do you want me to do?”, listen with a hearing ear, the still small voice is speaking, “, “START FROM HERE”.


wp-1449676945298.jpegPsalms 81:6-16 paints us a very clear picture of the Lords blessing. We read it and somehow assume, “If I listen and obey God, He will give me more and more”. We have a tendency to think of blessings as new benefits the Lord gives us to enjoy. We praise Him for a salary increase, or a new relationship. In our minds the word blessing has become synonymous with gift, hasn’t it?. But you may be a little surprised to hear this but God often blesses us by taking things away. What?!..how can God benefit me by giving me less of what I enjoy?. This way of thinking reveals a problem…PRIDE. We all assume we know what’s best for us at least I know I do. The logical conclusion is, If I enjoy it, then it must be good and proper. As such, the Lords blessing should give me more of that, right?. WRONG. God only brings things into our lives that He knows will do the ultimate best for us. We have a very narrow shortsighted perspective that keeps us from seeing the whole picture. God sees from eternity to eternity. God knows if a relationship or money will be a blessing or curse to you. In these situations, He will “give” you his best by taking it away. The Lord is not some slot machine or a cosmic Santa Claus. In His ultimate wisdom he knows what you really need, sometimes He will bless you with less.


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    Imagine your a police officer.

    Your standing on the curb.

    You have no car, no gun, no badge, you don’t even have a baton or ticket book.

    Now imagine a red hot souped up Camaro speeds passed you, you scream and yell and jump up and down you tell it to pull over but it just keeps going, you get red faced screaming at it, you shake your fist and holler as loud as you can, but the driver just waves you on and smiles and keeps up the fast pace he was going with no signs of him ever stopping.

    That is the way most people treat their spiritual battles, they treat them as if there is really nothing they can do about it, “oh bless God all we can do is pray, and let God work it out”.

    Brothers and sisters you have been given full authority to change your situation,you are not to be dictated by your circumstances.

    Jesus walked on water, the circumstances say its impossible to do that.

    Jesus told his disciples, “these things I do, you shall do, and GREATER”. Hallelujah!. Just image if people who said they believed, actually did, just image the impact on their lives and the world in which they lived.

    You have been furnished everything you need to be victorious.

    You are the chooser of your destiny.

    you are who the word says you are, you are what the word says you are, you are not moved by what you see, you are not moved by what you feel, you are not moved by what the circumstances are telling you, you are moved only by what you believe.


    [READ Jeremiah 29:11, Eph. 3:20]

    You can do all things through Christ.

    Start speaking to the mountains, believe what you say, get out of the way because the mountain is getting ready to crumble.


wp-1449665378048.jpegJesus’ destiny was not just the cross, His destiny was also the resurrection. You can’t preach the one without the other. It is one single truth. However, the first part of the whole truth is the cross. Be advised, the cross is also God’s ordained destiny for you, because it is the only way to deal with sin. (I’m not talking to you Pharisee’s, your way too holy). From God’s legal standpoint your already crucified with Christ, because the penalty for your sin has been paid. Jesus took the punishment for your sin, however, that doesn’t remove our old sinful thought patterns and desires. Jesus did remove the penalty for them.  But each of us must personally overcome the power of sin in our own lives. Religion and church has taught us even through worship songs, “just come to the foot of the cross and lay your burdens down”, That is absolutely not biblical!. Nowhere in the bible does it say that. In fact that is avoiding the cross. It says, “YOU ARE CRUCIFIED “WITH” CHRIST, that means hanging on the cross “with” him. Jesus says, “take up your cross and follow me”.  Your hanging on and carrying the cross, period. That is scripture!. Most people spend their Christian lives avoiding being crucified. Jesus was put to death in the flesh on a cross, so “taking up” your cross means putting to death the flesh, its cravings and sinful desires. The truth is the foot of the cross is about as close as most people are willing to get. Though they long to overcome sin in their lives, they are unwilling to do what’s right. Avoiding the cross is why they don’t have the abundant life promised, and the reason they’re not in constant triumph over temptation, just a roller coaster of ups and downs. I have been “saved” for years, but I’ve just recently been crucified. The road to my crucifixion has been long. I had to stop. I had to stop at Gethsamane. I’ve been there for a while. The cross was the last place I wanted to go, It is too painful!. But years in the garden has taught my heart to speak “not my will, but yours”. Once we nail the flesh to the cross it starts to lose its appeal. Remember this: Christ was raised from the dead so you to can have vibrant life and victory. Your destiny is the cross, but hallelujah there is a resurrection!. There is life after and beyond precious Golgotha.



When I ask for anything I always expect to be told yes. I hate being told No. I want what I want because I believe its what I need to solve the problem or what ever the case may be. Most especially I hate being told No by someone in authority over me, it really ruffles my feathers. So when God doesn’t grant me one of my most heartfelt and desperate prayers I don’t like it. I know He’s not deaf , petty or cruel. but when I’m hurting I can be sorely tempted to think the worst about Him. But I look at the cross, so the question is answered, I know its not because He don’t love me. And it satisfies the aching, I know He can be trusted. What does it mean when God says NO?. It means He knows what He’s doing and doesn’t have to give me what I want to prove it.  But it also means this is my season for His grace. When our world is turned upside down and we trust Him He is honored. What we need now is discernment. Pray for wisdom. Seek to align your will with His. Sometimes No is just the equipment we need on which our faith needs to be exercised. Remember the apostle Paul?. In 2nd Corinthians 12; Paul trusted God enough to accept the NO. This is the level of maturity and faith in God in which we should aspire. Just think about that for a minute, where there is a NO, there is grace. So trust Him even when you don’t fully understand. When you get a No, let the cross trump any other thoughts, for it is there you know the proof that He is absolutely committed to you.




I have talked about temptation before but as in anything the Lord has to say it is infinite in understanding. Temptation itself is not a sin. It is the giving into it that brings death. In my life there are people I like but cannot hang around due to certain temptations, there are places I like to go but cannot because temptations. I love the Lord with all my heart but I cant do certain things because I know I will succumb to what my flesh wants me to do. The best way to resist temptation is to avoid it. God promises in Corinthians 10:13, God is faithful, he will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, he will also provide a way of escape so that you will be able to bear it. Sometimes that way of escape is to avoid it altogether. I heard about this wealthy man who found himself without a chauffeur. He placed an ad in the local newspaper and insisted on meeting every qualified candidate. To each eager man who was interviewed, he posed the same scenario: “My summer home is high up in the mountains, far from the distractions from city life, but it is so remote that some of the roads we must take to get there are quite treacherous.” And then the millionaire would ask, “How close to the edge of the road would you be able to drive safely”?. Some said they could drive within a few inches of the edge. Others said they were so confident in their driving ability that they could balance the outside tires on the brink. Finally, one man answered, “Oh I wouldn’t want to get that close to the edge. My job would be to keep the car-and you-as far away from danger as possible. He got hired on the spot. when it comes to temptation we should never see how close we could get to the edge; but strive to see to see how far away we can stay. In areas of temptations in your life how close are you to the edge?. Father, help me to see my sin as repulsive as you do, but even so help me see Jesus my sacrifice as lovingly to me as you do. Thank you Jesus for the cross.



In Matthew 15, Peter said, “declare unto us this parable”. Jesus said, ” are you also yet without understanding?”. These guys had been walking with Jesus from the beginning, almost two years now, you would think of all the miracles and sermons they had seen and heard they would have gotten it by now. But they didn’t!. I know that seems odd, the people who were touching and seeing and handling the word of life still didn’t get it.

Why?. Because they still didn’t know enough!.

Why?, because they didn’t yet understand.

It is the same with us today, we have the Name we have the Word we have the Spirit we have the Blood and the power of his resurrection but we don’t know enough.

You can have all the head knowledge you want but until you get an understanding you will never know enough.

Proverbs 4:7 says; Wisdom is the principle thing; Therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding. [read the whole 4th chapter]. many walk around with the mental affirmation of God but seldom go far enough to develop understanding to know enough about it to do it.

Read Romans chapter 8, it talks about carnally [earthly] minds and spiritually [Godly] minds.].

Therefore in all this we must find and keep this mindset. Romans 12:2; And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Get an understanding by a transformed [changed] mind and you can prove out the will of God in your life.

Until you get an understanding you will be just like Peter and the other disciples, you may walk and talk with Jesus but you won’t know enough to act on it.

Wisdom is the principal thing, in all your getting, get an understanding.


wp-1450248301472.jpegI heard about this preacher, very astute, he counseled many people in their Christian walk, he counseled many people in their marriage relationships. He was preaching at a different church one Sunday. He saw a woman in the third row that he recognized. Immediately his heart sank. He had given her advice a few years before. After studying on the subject in the bible he realized he couldn’t have been more wrong. He looked her up in the church directory. Three days of hesitation trying to figure what would be the best course of action to rectify the wrong he had done the years before with his bad advice, he prayed, held his breathe and dialed the number. After a few rings a woman answers. He asked if she was Jacky Shock, she affirmed she was. He immediately launches into his apology about his bad advice he had given to her three years prior, he assured her he had been to seminary since and he had grown in grace and the Lord has guided him into more instruction and…she interrupted him, “uh who did you say you were again?”.  He told her, “you sat in one of my classes, and I gave you a private session about you and your husband”, silence on the other end for a few seconds, finally she says, “im sorry but I just cant place you”. He stuttered, “you sat in one of my classes a few years ago”. She said, “Im terribly sorry but I don’t remember you”. You see the Lord has a way of shielding you against others and others against you. The Lord has a framed network he will not let you get passed it nor let others get passed to you. Advise by the word and lean not to your own understanding. Be guided and led by the Holy Spirit. Trust His wisdom. Lean on His understanding, seriously, get over yourself.



wp-1449832180039.jpegThe speaker took out a hundred dollar bill. He says, “I’m going to give this to someone in here today, who wants it”?. You got to be honest. Hands flew up. He crumples it up, rolls it into a ball, unfolds it, crumples it up again. “Now who wants it”?. Hands still in the air. Then he puts it on the floor and grinds it with his foot. “You still want it”?. Hands still raised. He picks up a hammer puts it on a cement block, pounds it a few times. “Do you really still want it”?. A few hands went down. He said, I’ve just demonstrated to you the love of God, why do you still want it”?. “Because no matter what I did to it You know it hasn’t lost any value, you know its still a hundred dollar bill”. Your value doesn’t change with your circumstances. It is soley based in Gods infinite and unchanging love. Romans 5:8 says,But God commended His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Romans 8:32-39 emphasis on verse 35, 39, Who shall separated us from the love of God…nothing shall separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Smile!, somebody loves you with an inseparable love so deep it can fill an ocean and still be running over the top. That’s Jesus’ love!.



I’ve probably read 20-30 books in my life on “WHY GOD ALLOWS SUFFERING”, or “WHY BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE”. I never felt satisfied. seems they missed something. My spirit never agreed. Take this from someone who has had his share of downtime. Somehow in the Christian mindset the goal is to escape a situation unscathed. The fact however, Jesus promised that we would have periods of trials. In John 16:33 he says, “in the world you will have tribulations, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. Paul told us, “all those who would desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution”. If Christianity was simply a matter of believing him and no longer having anymore problems, people would be followers of Christ for the wrong reasons. The goal in our Christian lives isn’t to escape all harm and trouble, to avoid every crisis. Rather, it is to vindicate the character of God in every situation, be it a period of trial or a time of joy. Jesus, Paul, and all of his disciples, and millions more have been persecuted ,some even to death. It shows God is faithful when you stand up in the midst of persecution or suffering through the most difficult circumstances you exonerate Him from all the charges Satan has made against His character. It demonstrates to the entire universe He can be trusted under any circumstances. Stand therefore. In that sense it seems almost necessary that trials come-in some form or another. No matter how painful it is physically, emotionally, or spiritually suffering gives you an opportunity To Honor God. Show Satan that your Father is righteous in His Judgements. Let Satan and the whole universe know your not here just for the chips and salsa. Having done all to stand, stand. Exonerate God from the charges Satan has made against Him. He is faithful. When your driving down the road in a storm, you focus on the road, not on the storm clouds. If you can see the way home, there’s every likelihood you’ll arrive there safely. but if you look at the storm it is more likely you’ll meet with tragedy. Concentrate on God’s character no matter what the storm looks or feels like, make it a habit and practice it. Exonerate God’s character and He will surely, surely, surely exonerate you. You want an ego boost? God doesn’t have to exonerate himself, He created you!.

Spiritual Superman?.

wp-1449834401084.jpegFaster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!. We realized as kids we’d never be like Him. He could do any thing unless stymied by kryptonite. however, many of us find ourselves in a spiritual crisis, because we’ve somehow allowed ourselves to believe we have to be some kind of spiritual superman or superwoman. Now, The fact is Jesus did tell the woman caught in adultery “go and sin no more”, Peter urged us “to abstain from fleshly lust” and also “as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in your conduct”. But it is hard to see yourself as holy when all you see is your spiritual weaknesses and shortcomings. What is the solution to our constant spiritual failings?. One thing to remember other people are not as “holy” as they appear in church. Does God want us to live our lives holy?, Yes. Remember the children of Israel, with all sincerity they promised that “all that the Lord has spoken we will do”. But it was only a few short weeks later they were dancing around a golden calf. Did they mean what they promised when they made there vow to God? Yes, they did. God doesn’t want us to make promises to him. He wants us to believe His promises to us. The solution for your anger problem isn’t trying harder not to lose your temper. The solution for your drinking problem is not to pour it down the sink and say im not gonna drink anymore. You will never succeed by “trying harder”. Romans 7:18 Paul says, “in me, that is in my flesh, dwelleth no good thing. Verse 24, he ask the most important question, “who will deliver me from this body of death?”. Verse 25 he gives the profoundly simple, yet unfathomly powerful answer, “I thank God, through Jesus Christ our Lord!. Simply “trying harder” only reveals your weakness. Christians, like corn and kids must grow into maturity.  Just because someone does something you don’t like doesnt mean that persons Christianity is not real. Read your bible and pray thats is the only strategy that works. Jesus is all you need. He’s the Spiritual superman just fly under His cape.


apple-temptationOscar Wilde once jokingly said, “I can resist anything, except temptation”. He was meaning it to be funny, but in reality it is a very serious matter. Lets contrast Matt.4 and Matt. 6  Matthew 4:1, says, Then was Jesus LED into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. (KJV). (Phillips translation) says, The spirit of God LED Jesus into the desert for the express purpose of being tested by Satan. (HCSB) says, the Spirit took Jesus into the wilderness because there was the evil one waiting to try him. OK, we get a clear picture, Jesus had to go and face the devil on purpose. Now it is quite obvious when the devil came to Jesus, he waited patiently, he waited until Jesus was at a low point. He was tired, alone, hungry, and vulnerable. Jesus passed the test because He knew Gods word and applied it to every situation the devil placed Him in. Thank God!. But look, when Jesus taught us how to pray in Matt. 6, what did He command us to pray, “Lead us NOT into temptation”.  Jesus was LED into temptation, but teaches us to pray NOT to be LED into temptation. WHY?, very simply put, because it is hard!. AND IT WAS HARD ON HIM!. What is the difference in Jesus’ temptation and ours?, NOTHING!. Being tempted is NOT a sin. However, since he had no sin he was tempted directly by Satan and He was tempted in all points as we are but was found without sin. We are sinners from birth, so where does our temptation come from?. James 1:13 says, But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed. So our temptation comes from within. I.e. the devil made me look at her and have these thoughts, NO, it came from inside me. The devil does not tempt you on things your not prone to do, he will not tempt you on something that he knows good and well you wouldn’t do, it would be a waste of his time. The only way to combat temptation is the same way Jesus did it, The Word of God. And prayer. The more you pray and live in His Word, the more your thought life changes, then the less he has to work with. Renew your mind. Study His Word. Pray, Pray, Pray. I Love you.



A friend of mine made me laugh the other day. She said, “Dave I’ve tried Buddahism , Mormanism, Taoism, Judaism, and Catholisim, and you know what I realized?, I’m a Christian!”. It reminded me of the words in Joshua 24:15, CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE……….. AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!. Joshua had just brought them over to the promised land and was giving them a lecture about worshiping the gods on the other side of the flood, the god of the Amorites. As much as the Lord had already done for them I would guess it would have been a no brainer. But as I was “judging” them, my heart felt convicted. I started thinking about all the things that I have put before him at times, that I have made my “god” without knowing. Work, new clothes, upstairs apartment, my wife, even friends. I repented. Then I ask God to forgive me. Many people do it all the time and don’t realize that they are doing it. I devised a test, it is very simple, I use it quite often. This test is to see where you might be missing it, to see where repentance is needed. Here it is, Its Sunday Morning, your getting the family ready for church, I come over and give you a $10,000 check, Are you going to church and praise God and thank him for another awesome day to worship him?, thank him for the air in your lungs?. Or are you going to spend the day trying to find some one who will cash it?. What makes your heart beat faster someone saying lets go worship God or the money?.  My friend said, “Are you crazy? I’m gonna get my money, I can go to church any old time”!. Romans 14:5, Paul says, “Let everyone be fully persuaded in his own mind”. Paul admonishes us in Colossians, to set your affections on things above and not on things of this earth. Be fully persuaded. pray for one another. I love you.

Fully Equipped!.

wp-1449668648834.jpegAll spiritual battles are not created equal. Some are simply skirmishes that are easily left behind. Others are fierce fights against the heavy artillery of an adversary who is literally hell bent on YOUR defeat and destruction. He is a dead spirit, but he will win if YOU let him. you have been fully equipped. YOU have everything YOU need to win. YOU are more than a conquerer. YOU have all the weapons at YOUR disposal. YOU have to use them. YOU have The Name, you have The Blood, you have The Word, you have His spirit. YOU have the armor, PUT IT ON!. God has done his part, if you want victory, then be victorious. If you want change, then change. If you want the enemy defeated in your life then defeat him. If you want life in Christ, then live the life Christ wants you to live. I’ve let Satan run me ragged for years, believe it or not it was my choice because I didn’t do something about it sooner. You may not get to pick your battles, but you get to pick the weapons. Picture you’re in the military, there is a major conflict going on, bullets keep coming at you, the enemy is all around, firing shots doing his best to kill you, he wants you dead. Your battle fatiuges are in the tent, Your weapon is over there laying in the dirt. Your running to your leader and crying and begging for help because you don’t know what to do. With me so far?. You got it!. God will not do for you what he has thoroughly equipped you to do for yourself. It’s up to you to make sure you put on the battle gear and your weapons are in full working order. Be David and run toward your enemy. God through Jesus has supplied you all the battle gear and weapons to fight the fight to go forth and conquer. WIN!.



This animated conversation was over heard among some children. Little Maria threw out the question, “Who loves God?” All of them responded, “I do! I do! I do!” Billy said, “I love Jesus”. Kelly protested, “But He died”.Billy said, “Yeah, but every Easter He comes back to life!”. Their understanding is still developing. We know that Jesus died once and for all (Rom. 6:10; Heb.10:12) and, of course rose from the dead Three days after He paid the penalty for our sins on the cross, the sinless Jesus conquered death by rising from the grave and breaking the power of sin. The last thing Satan had over us was death, the final curtain. When Jesus came out of that tomb the last fortified stronghold Satan had was laid waste by the life that was the Christ.The last thing Satan had any control over was the death sentence pronounced on all men. The very grip of it. Jesus shook it of like a rag doll. The last weapon in Satan’s arsenal, so he has nothing left that he can hold over us anymore. Thanks to a Jewish carpenter who sacrificed his very soul so you and I could have an abundant life. If you need a reason to have hope, a reason to get out of bed, a reason to believe in your future. Look to the Man who destroyed the works of the evil one. Celebrate His resurrection. It is your life. My friends if that don’t set you on fire your woods wet!. LET’S CELEBRATE!.


wp-1449832127184.jpegWhen you pray in truth according to His word, He hears. I have committed myself to this. I’m committed to walk in love. I want to love like Jesus. I’ve printed all the scriptures off the computer that talks about love and how to love like Jesus, I meditate on them, I carry them in my pocket, if I get stumped I just pull them out and read them again. I pray constantly on this level. Now, let me tell you what happened awhile back. We were at Jimboy’s tacos. We placed our order, I found a table and put our sodas down and went back to wait on our order. Some guy walks in, he walks to the bathroom, ( mind you now I’m praying on my love walk), he comes out of the bathroom, stands a couple of feet away, he mumbles something directed to us, OK, now he’s got my attention. We’re waiting on our order. He orders. He walks over to the table we were planning to sit, he picks up our sodas and moves them one table over. She’s looking at me, I’m looking at him. I have been telling her about the forgiveness of God, how he forgave even on the cross, that was on my mind. I’m praying silently at a rabbits pace, I doubt God understood a word I was saying. We got our order, set at a table farthest from him, I’m still checking him out every couple of minutes or so. We were about finished eating, He says, “People like you are ruining America”. I’m thinking, I hope your just a mental case, if not…????. “uh huh, easier said than done, isn’t  it”, “shut up woman”, I’m going through something here. Ok, maybe ill just meet him in the parking lot and explain the rules to him…no, no, cant do that either. Brother David in jail for slapping the taste out of someone’s mouth., wouldn’t pastor be proud. We got up to leave, I was staring him down. I notice he bought only one taco. I surprised myself. I said, “you hungry bro”?. I gave him five dollars. I don’t know if God sent him or the devil sent him, but it sure tested my honest feelings. I pray each time test come my way I pass them. Lord I want to be like you in every way, help me with my Love walk,  help me when things happen to always recognize the Jesus in it, and to truly from my heart show your love to everyone that comes across my path. I give you glory. Amen.



I have been accused of being a know it all, and wont take advice, well, if its sound advice I will, my reasoning is simple, I will listen if you know what your talking about, and most people don’t, I assured myself of this along time ago. And I for one want to know the facts, its that simple!. However, yes this mentality has gotten me into trouble for not listening. And I have missed out on some good opportunities also, but for the most part I believe, I’m pretty self assured, and it generally works for me. If that sounds like a know it all, well, I make no apologies. However, I am stubborn, I do like things my way, I believe I have solid reasoning.

In its infancy, radar, sonar, and radio communication were anything but solid. A voice crackles over the radio, “alter your course 20 degrees port”. A voice comes back, “alter your course 20 degrees starboard”. Undaunted, the voice crackles back, “alter your course 20 degrees port”. The other voice repeats, “alter your course, 20 degrees starboard, I am the captain of a United States navy vessel, I have with me, 2 destroyers, and a 2 tankers, if you do not alter your course I will blow you out of the water, alter your course now, before I make that determination”. The other voice sounds again, “sir you can do what you wish, this is a land based station, if you do not alter your course now, in less than five minutes your going to run ashore on the coast of Maine, alter your course 20 degrees port”. No one likes to be wrong. No one likes to eat crow, Jesus warns us about not being humble. Humility is giving up your right to be right.

The only way to stay faithful is simple, Listen and be willing to alter your course whether you think you’re right or not.


This story touched me, It happened to a man named, VICTOR FRIED.I will let Victor tell it in his own words. My family believed if something went wrong, it was always someone else’s fault. I readily picked up this attitude and ran with it. Actually, when you think about it it’s not a bad plan. I was not responsible for any of my failures; it was always someone else’s fault. I could feel anger toward the “responsible parties”  rather than feel inadequate my self. At some point I asked myself, “why are so many people out to get me?” The only logical answer was that even God hated me. So I returned the favor and hated God back. My belief that God hated me grew as the years passed, and I perceived every set back as further evidence that my belief was correct. I had heard it said that God works through people; seeing the number of people I thought were out to get me, I guessed it was true. Having learned as a child to “solve” my problems through fighting, its not surprising that as an adult I gradually fell deeper and deeper into a violent lifestyle. Yet strangely, I always hated myself for hurting people, especially if I hurt someone I cared about. As a result I gradually learned to stay away from anyone I cared about, and became a loner. I knew that all I could do with any consistency was hurt people, so I tried to keep it to only hurting strangers. Eventually I did discover something else that I was good at: building custom furniture. But my inner rage continued to grow and so did the incidences of people apparently going out of there way to cause me grief. One day I was driving on a street in Kansas City, I noticed a man carrying an antique Queen Anne chair to a dumpster in an apartment complex. I could see that it had a broken rung, a problem I could easily fix. That chair was worth money to me–something I desperately needed. So I quickly turned into the complex and stopped the car beside the dumpster. As the man approached, I asked, “if your going to throw that away, may I have it?”. “NO”. And he smashed it over the side of the dumpster. I watched in disbelief as the splinters off the old wooden chair flew everywhere on impact. Too stunned even to reply. I drove off.  Idiot!, low life. he didn’t want it, but he would rather destroy it than give it to someone who could fix it and use it. More evidence that God, using people, was out to get me. Finally, in my fortys, (sixteen years past the incident), I felt I had suffered enough, all I could bear. I was tired—physically, emotionally, tired of failing, tired of fighting against the world, I was tired of living. Although, I still had a strong fear of death, that fear was overpowered by a worse fear of life. I drove my car down along the Missouri River just outside of Kansas City, parked and walked downstream. I found a place I could easily climb down to the waters edge, I tied a rock to my ankle with a piece of nylon rope, I watched for a moment the chunks of ice floating past, I took one last look around, hoisted the rock with both hands, my life was nearly over, and I felt relief. Rock in hand looking at the water, ONE…TWO…deep breathe…deep breathe, In my mind I saw a thousand splinters, I saw that man smashing the chair against the dumpster all those years ago. Then a voice came from inside of me, “If your going to throw that away, may I have it?”. I knew it was the voice of God. It seemed like in a nano millisecond my mind flooded with images of all the ugly I was all my life. But I knew that I felt a growing peace that took a weight off my shoulders, I fell to the ground, I felt so much shame, I cried, I cried for maybe an hour. At that moment I wanted to give my life to God. I had no idea how to do it. I said, “What do I do?”. I cut the rope, put my clothes back on, I went home. I realized that someone loved me in spite of me. That someone was more concerned about my welfare than I was. I let go of my hate. Now I wanted my heart to be free to grasp His love. Praise God for His mercy, He took me from the deepest part of despair and built my life in Him. I’ve pastored a church for twenty nine years, it hasn’t all been easy, considering where He brought me from, Its been a Blessed road. I Praise His name, not a day goes by that I,m not thankful  (This took place FEB, 3  1982.   Kansas City.)

God or the NFL

When Pastor Hoag announced we had a guest speaker who was going to give his testimony, I groaned, oh great, Lord, I’ve heard enough I was down and out in the gutter, I was a no good, crack smoking, womanizing, spent most of my life in prison, the Lord took me out of the mire and put my feet on solid ground story’s to last me a life time.(no offense to anyone reading this, just at my church all the storys were the same), Frankly, the name Otis Amey did not ring a bell, must be one of the pastors old friends i thought. Truthfully I was going to grab a sandwich and excuse myself. Well this morning, Pastor Thomas Hoag decided to sit right next to me. I decided to stay. I sat there as this gentleman came out, as he talked I engrossed myself into his story. He was a receiver for the 49’s. Not the woe is me story I was expecting. He bought his mother a new home, also purchased himself a 6 million dollar mansion. He was getting paid, $15,000 a week even when he wasn’t playing. New cars. New wife. Expecting his first child. He said, “2005, we were playing the Rams,
I looked up and saw the ball in air coming at me, now a football is hard to catch even when your standing still, much more difficult when you’re moving, I said out loud, “Jesus, let me catch the ball”.The ball just fumped right into his arms, there was a 280 pound lineman right in his face, he dodged him, he just ran, when he got to the 30 yard line he looked back, there was no one except his teammate, he said, “I just ran until I saw green”, “When I put the ball down, I looked up and pointed my fingers toward heaven, that was the picture that was in all the papers, but I was praising God and they didn’t even know it”. Later I was looking at the tapes, I saw how I was moving, I said, “that was you, not me, I could have never moved liked that”. “Right then and there, the desire for God became bigger than my desire to play for the NFL.Otis Amey, lives in Sacramento, Ca. preaching the Gospel of God, tours the United States as a motivational speaker .Lord, I pray, may I put everything behind me and you first. I count all things this world has to offer as garbage, that I can win Christ in all things. Thank you for examples you give me in your word, also for true followers of yours like Otis Amey. Yes let the things of this world grow strangely dim as I follow the light of the Glorious Gospel.imageimage



A recent five year study shows cats do understand you, they choose to ignore you. Cats come when its convenient  for them, you open up a can of food and call them they sashay right to you, Tell them to get off the couch, they look at you like, who you talking to?. I’m like that sometimes, I obey God’s word if its convenient. He tells me to put twenty in the offering plate, go visit someone whose sick, take someone grocerys, NO PROB, He tells me to love my enemys, bless those who curse me, do good to those who hate me, give way to wrath, have a kind answer, then its, MEOW. All through the bible He talks of obedience. If you’ll just obey my voice, I will heal you, I will heal your land. Jesus said, “He who does what I say, is like a man who builds his house on a rock”. So why is it so difficult for me?. Am I deaf?. Am I just not hearing it?. No, I hear it just fine. Paul gives me the answer in the book of Romans chapter 7:14-25. Verse 15, says, I do not understand what I do, for what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate, that’s what I do. Verse 24-25, Oh wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from this body of death. I Thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Paul plainly tells us its through Jesus Christ our Lord. If then its Through Jesus Christ, then what’s my problem?. My relationship!. I’m not as close to him as I should be, or rather need to be. Don’t be misinformed, I’m working on it everyday, I pray for wisdom and guidance all through the day. Am I closer than I was yesterday?. Absolutely, Am I looking forward to tomorrow ?. Absolutely. Beloved, its the body of sin that stops us from doing sometimes what we know is right. That is not an excuse or a loophole to sin, its a reason to press on. I love you dearly in Christ Jesus. You are blessed and highly favored. Remember me in your prayers, I pray for all. Don’t meow, Roar.

Conviction For Sale, Price; One Temptation


When I was seventeen I lived in a little town in Arkansas called Hamburg. A friend of mine named Ronald Gene and I were out hunting, I borrowed my dad’s shotgun, he had his dad’s rifle. We were out hunting just wandering through the woods, we came upon this truck parked on one of the back roads. We walked past it but looked inside it, it was empty. We kept walking. We got a ways from the truck, he says, “I don’t think you could hit it from here”. I said, “you crazy, I’m not shooting at it!”. He continues to goad me. He said, “you probably couldn’t do it anyway, your not that good of a shot huh”. I lifted the shotgun, aimed, then pulled the trigger, BOOM, there goes the back window. I knew it was a very stupid thing to do, I knew it before I did it, I knew it after I did it, and I know it now. I sold my conviction, and went against my conscience for the sake of proving I could do something. Everything in me knew better than to do something so hair brained (and criminal). Ok, it was stupid. I sold my conviction, it bothered me for a long time. OK , Now, In the bible , Matthew chapter 4, It says Jesus hadn’t had any food for fourty days, He was very hungry and tired. That’s when Satan came to him, He came in with his “IF’s”, “IF,” thou be the son of God, his words dripping with doubt. Trying to lure Jesus to “sell His conviction” for immediate satisfaction, a miraculous delivery, and the whole world without the pain of the cross. Jesus knew better. He may have been offered a road free from suffering but in the end the pain would have been a lot worse for everyone. Jesus knew the shortcuts were dangerous enemys just like satan. He said “It is written” three times during his temptation. He held firm to what he knew was true from God’s word. When you are tempted, whether to turn a rock into lunch, or a stupid kid with a shotgun, God IS there to help, hold fast to the Scripture. If your tempted to sell your conviction remember; “It is written, man Shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth God.



I don’t know but if your like me you hate to be distracted from anything that your doing. Last month on the 29th at Calvary Christian Center, Pastor Phillip Goudeaux announced a special speaker would be speaking this morning. when he walked in I saw him as he walk on the stage I stood up and clapped as loud as I could my heart went to the ceiling, my father in faith, KENNETH COPELAND, I was awe struck. I pulled out my camera, I took as many pictures as my memory card would allow, I felt as light as a feather, like a little kid who had just personally met Santa Claus. When he was preaching sometimes he was looking at me about three feet away, Lord this is what I’m talking about, man, this is great. This woman who was sitting next to me she said, “he’s shorter in person”, I was concentrating on what he was saying, then she said, “his head is bigger than his body”, I said, “Lord, please make her shut up”, Then she said, “he has some big ole feet for his size”. She made several comments about him, I leaned over and I said, and maybe not very nicely, “I’m hear to hear what this man has to say and that’s all”. She had me distracted from what God was saying to me. Sometimes in my alone time with God I find the same thing is true. I start meditating on a scripture before you know it I’m thinking other thoughts. Thoughts jump around like monkeys jumping from one tree to the other. I have learned to watch what I am thinking. When I recognize I immediately get back in line with the Word, this takes Prayer and a commitment to stay in line with the scriptures. I pray for all men everywhere that they to may have a mind that’s settled and a heart of worship. Lord you know we live in a world of distractions, but I pray that all who call on your name in truth may see your grace through the cloud of distractions that so easily beset us . IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

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At the intersection of rock, blues, R&B, jazz, pop,and soul. # 𝟓𝟕 𝗧𝗼𝗽 𝟳𝟱 𝗔𝗺𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗻 𝗠𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗰 𝗕𝗹𝗼𝗴𝘀 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟬


We Soar with Jesus... Set Free Eternally Now.

Pure Glory

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork. Psalms 19:1

Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.

Domenic Garisto / LIFE IS NOT A REHERSAL,SO LIVE IT..if you can't be the poet, be the poem..havau22.com


F1 stories from Joe Saward

Hopping Hadrian's Wall

Dispatches from the Borderland of the Mind

Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca is a blog dedicated to promote traditional family values and share information about technology, photography, literature, humor and other social issues.

Merman Dan

Turning My Everyday, Ordinary Life Into An Offering

sue robins

author + rabble-rouser

A Christian Worldview of Fiction

A look at fiction and other bits of culture through the lens of the Bible

thoughts, prayers & songs:

my journey from self-absorption to doxology

Partakers WOW Disciple...

helping to ignite your imagination, creativity and passion for following God…

Deb's Blog

Ramblings about my life as a wife, mother, stepmother, educator & runner in KS


WordPress.com is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

The Millennial Pastor

An iPhone Pastor for a Typewriter Church

Joe Passito

I write, therefore I think I am

Nan's Notebook

Things I want to say about this, that, and the other thing.

Morning Story and Dilbert

Inspiring, Encouraging, Healthy / Why waste the best stories of the World, pour a cup of your favorite beverage and let your worries drift away…

Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is a digital youth culture magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas.

Simple Sunday School

Everyone is Welcome!

Christian Understanding

Scripture-based learning, theological understanding & strategic church growth

Victory Ministries

Proverbs 1:5 A wise man will hear and increase learning, And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel,

She Moves in her Own Way

Books, in all their variety, offer the human intellect the means whereby civilisation may be carried triumphantly forward. -Churchill

Stephanie Mackley

On existential questions, feelings we're not supposed to feel, and growing the revolution

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